Christmas Eve Box - with Rudi plush & personalised letter

2023 Edition

Every year, on Christmas Eve, Father Christmas presents each of the Elves in Lapland a beautiful gift box with a special present inside and a letter to them!

This year, he will also be sending Christmas Eve boxes to Small Folk! Inside will be his favourite toy, Little Rudi, of course, and a personalised letter asking Small Folk to cuddle him tight on Christmas Eve so he’ll know to visit once they’re sleeping soundly.

Both Small Folk visiting Lapland this Christmas and not can revel in the magic of this splendid Christmas Eve arrival from Father Christmas!

If you're buying for multiple Small Folk, simply increase the quantity and enter their first names in the text boxes provided. 

Included in the experience:
  • Christmas Eve Box
  • Little Rudi soft toy
  • Personalised letter from Father Christmas (see below for contents)


    • One box per Small Folk.

  • Christmas Eve Boxes will shipped immediately for arrival in time for Christmas Eve!
  • Box dimensions: 
    Width - 35cm / 13.5 inches,
    Depth 23.5cm / 9 inches,
    Height 15cm / 6 inches
  • Rudi Plush:
    Age +12 months,
    Approx. height 30cm / 12 inches,
    Hand wash only.

  • Please double check your Small Folk's name carefully. Changes can’t be made to the letter once ordered. 

  • Please ensure your postal address is correct, especially when using auto-pay features (e.g Apple Pay)

  • Letter from Father Christmas:

    Dear [Small Folk First Name],

    It is Christmas Eve, and the most magical night of the year is upon us! But before my heavy sleigh takes flight, I wanted to deliver you a very special early present as I know how kind you have been all year. The Elves have crafted for you this beautiful keepsake box and inside I have carefully placed a toy I think you will love dearly. Rudi the reindeer!

    Cuddle Rudi tight when you go to bed tonight, and I’ll know you are fast asleep, dreaming of Christmas morning and ready for my visit.

    Sleep tight, [Small Folk First Name].

    Warmest wishes,

    Father Christmas