Letters from Lapland

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2023 Edition

‘Letters from Lapland ’ is a personalised experience that has been carefully crafted to celebrate the wonderment of childhood at Christmastime through the time-honoured tradition of writing letters to Father Christmas.

At Lapland, we believe the true magic of this tradition lies within a back-and-forth communication between a young child and Father Christmas; just imagine the joy and excitement as Father Christmas replies to each of your Small Folk’s letters! 

The Letters from Lapland experience includes:
  • The ‘Official Good List Enquiry’ for the Small Folk to complete
  • A personalised Good List response letter from Father Christmas
  • Christmas List for the Small Folk to complete
  • A personalised Christmas List response letter from Father Christmas 
  • 2 special Elfcast audio messages from Father Christmas to accompany each letters
  • A Lapland keepsake box to treasures the precious memories 
More than one Small Folk?

If you're buying the experience for multiple Small Folk, click on 'personalise and add cart' on your first letter, then just repeat the process for the second, third small folk and so on.

Father Christmas has created three different versions of his letter to deliver the ultimate personalised experience - you'll see the difference versions load automatically as you personalise each additional letter.

The 'Big Folk' guide to making the magic happen

1. The Good List Enquiry

The ‘Letters from Lapland’ correspondence begins with the Good List Enquiry. A beautifully crafted sheet for your Small Folk to complete and discover whether they are indeed on Father Christmas’ Good List this year!

Lay this out overnight somewhere for your Small Folk to discover, this could be by the front door or fireplace, before an Elftastically exciting morning follows!

Small Folk must complete their enquiry before returning it to where they found it, so it finds its way back to Father Christmas!

2. Good List Confirmation

Your Small Folk have left their ‘Good List Enquiry’ out overnight and it is time to deliver the most wonderful news to them, they are definitely on Father Christmas’ Good List!

To do this, you will find in the pack the ‘Good List Confirmation’ letter printed with the personalised information you have provided us. This confirmation letter should be swapped overnight for the ‘Good List Enquiry’ your Small Folk left out and delivered accompanied by one of Father Christmas’ special chocolate Jingle coins (The Elven currency of Lapland!) as well as the blank ‘Christmas List’ sheet from your pack.

A joyous moment as this letter gives your Small Folk the special news they were so hoping for!

3. The Christmas List

In the ‘Good List Confirmation’ letter, Father Christmas explains to your Small Folk that he has left some special paper for them to write their Christmas List. Being from Father Christmas, it is beautifully decorated with toys from his very own Toy Factory in Lapland.

Once your Small Folk have completed their Christmas List, help them leave it out where they found it -ready for it to be collected by Father Christmas!

4. Thank you and see you on Christmas Eve

It is time to deliver the second personalised letter from Father Christmas in exchange for your Small Folk’s Christmas List.

Acknowledging the wonderful correspondence he has been enjoying with your Small Folk, Father Christmas thanks your Small Folk for their list and sends his warmest wishes before confirming he will most certainly be visiting them on Christmas Eve.

This letter should once again be delivered alongside a delicious chocolate Jingle coin – confirmation that Father Christmas has visited! 

5. Treasured Memories

With every letter your Small Folk has written, a keepsake has been created that captures this magical and fleeting moment of their childhood.

The ‘Letters from Lapland’ will now become a time capsule of special memories made together. Store them safely within their keepsake box so in future years you can all be to transported back to those precious years of childhood belief.

  • One 'Letters from Lapland' pack per Small Folk.
  • Letters from Lapland will be packed and shipped immediately.
  • Please double check your personalised information carefully as changes cannot be made once ordered - Special characters & emojis can't be written by Father Christmas, so please use text only. 
  • Please ensure your postal address is correct, especially when using auto-pay features (e.g Apple Pay)